Bike along Sweden's west coast

Pedal through picturesque little fishing villages and small marinas with dramatic views of the sea and the surrounding landscape. The Kattegattleden is a 395 km coastal bike route that takes you through dozens of interesting places. Along the way, you can stop awhile, have a snack and put your quest for adventure on pause to just celebrate the peace and tranquillity.

Written by Lisa Söderholm
Lisa Söderholm Redaktör och friluftsälskare

Kattegattleden is a bicycle route that runs all the way through Halland – from Helsingborg in the south to Gothenburg in the north. The route is lined with picturesque little fishing villages and small marinas with dramatic views of the sea and the surrounding landscape. You will come across dozens of interesting places to stop awhile, have a snack or put your quest for adventure on pause to just celebrate the peace and tranquillity.

The route is 370 km long but divided into 8 stretches. So if you feel your legs can’t take you all the way, you can pick and choose the stretches you want to participate in.

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six things you absolutely have to experience on kattegattleden

Long sandy beaches, occasionally interrupted with medieval castles, old windmills, family run farmshops and hole-in-the-wall cafes – the route is interesting to say the least. Here are six of the absolute must-sees on your trip.

1.  a snack break at Särdals kvarn

Just off the trail is Särdal Kvarn, a windmill built in 1890 and operational till 1967. Today, it houses a café where you can enjoy savoury sandwiches and delectable pastries washed down with coffee and juice. There’s a small boutique where you can buy homemade jams, marmalades and cheeses as well as gift hampers to take back home.


Himlen är blå och solen lyser på Särdals kvarn. Kvarnen är brun och av holländsk typ.
Särdal’s Kvarn rises tall on the Halland coast, 16 kms north of Halmstad. The windmill has a café and a deli on its premises.

2. world’s best porridge at Steninge hostel

On the border of Falkenberg and Halmstad lies the small coastal community of Steninge. The bike route takes you right through the community and Steninge Hostel is the perfect pit stop for the famished cyclist. Recharge your batteries with the world’s best oatmeal porridge washed down with a cup of scalding hot coffee.

Steninge Hostel is right on the Kattegattleden trail.

3. crabs on the rocks in Ugglarp

The Kattegattleden snakes past the sea to reach Ugglarp which is a perfect spot for a quick swim and some crab fishing. Alternatively, you can choose to relax with a picnic basket by the rocks. If you follow the sign to Ugglarp’s Gron, you’ll come to a family-run farmshop where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables that have just been picked in the morning.

In Ugglarp, ​​the Kattegattleden trail snakes right past the sea.

4. the marina at Glommen

Glommen has plenty to offer to an exhausted cyclist. You can stop to stretch your legs and go for a slow, leisurely stroll along the seaside. During the summer, the dock is bustling with sailboats and the view is delightful.

During five days in July, Glommen hosts a crayfish festival. As is customary, there’s much feasting on crayfish and drinking that’s followed unsurprisingly by unrestrained dancing.

Glommen’s marina is bustling with activity in summer.

5. Surfing in Apelviken

There are few places in Sweden that have as much surf as in Apelviken that’s just outside Varberg. Get off that bike here and live the life aquatic for a while. (If you’re a complete beginner, they have surf schools where you can get a few quick lessons before you head off for the waves.) Of course, if you’ve had enough adventure on your bike, and prefer to unwind a bit, you can head to any of the several restaurants and cafes that dot the place.

En vindsurfare går längs Apelvikens strand
Apelviken is one of Sweden’s best places for wind and kite surfing.är ett av Sveriges bästa ställen för vind- och kitesurfing

6. history and mystery in Varberg’s fortress

Get off your saddle and land into the middle of a murder mystery. Sometime in the 1360s, a man was killed and impaled to the bottom of a lake that later become a bog. The remains of this man, called Bockstensmann is one of the best-preserved finds in Europe. Why was he killed? Who was the murderer? Learn more about this at the exhibit at Halland Museum of Cultural History. And if you want some more history, visit the fortress at Varberg.

Bild från Borggården på Varbergs fästning
Halland Museum of Cultural History is situated inside Varberg’s fortress. Among other things, you can learn more about the Bockstensmannen here.
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