Ett barn är på väg upp för en klättervägg.
Foto: Philip Liljenberg

Child-friendly adventures

You’ll find adventure for the whole family in Halland. There’s much for the kids to do. Bring them on a sheep safari or high altitude course high up among the trees. Test your appetite for thrills on the obstacle course, ride a zipline, or learn more about animals and nature on the nature reserve Fjärås Bräcka.

Written by Lisa Söderholm
Lisa Söderholm Redaktör och friluftsälskare

Mini-zoo & adventure course in Vallarna

A short walk from Falkenberg center lies Vallarna’s open-air area. In addition to a large playground, a parkour park and perfect skateboarding conditions, there is also a mini-zoo and adventure course that is pretty popular with the smaller children. In Vallarna’s mini-zoo your children can feed chickens, goats and pigs. And close by is the adventure obstacle course where you can get your children to expend their endless amounts of energy trying out various challenges.

Etta barn balanserar på en stock
In Vallarna’s open-air park there is an obstacle course where children can challenge themselves with a variety of activities.
Photo: Destination Falkenberg

Upzone adventure park in Ullared

Upzone Adventure Parks in the centre of Ullared has high rope courses, nets and climbing walls at different difficulty levels so everyone can find their challenge here. Get the heart rate up and your adrenalin pumping as you launch yourself from a treetop tethered to a zip line. Naturally, all these activities are conducted under the watchful eyes of our experienced guides.

En person klättrar uppe bland träden
Upzone Adventure Park is smack in the centre of Ullared.Photo: Destination Falkenberg

Kungsbyggets adventure park in Laholm

Kungsbygget Adventure Park lies slap bang in the middle of Halland. You can ride summer toboggans, ziplines and bungy rockets here. There’s no other rush like it when you skim over the treetops on a zipline. This is an exciting place for adults and for young adults.

En person i solglasögon och gul hjälm flyger fram i zipline. Han sträcker ut armarna i luften och ser ut över den gröna skogen.
Make like a bird and fly along the treetops.

Naturum Fjärås bräcka

At Naturum you can learn tonnes of exciting facts about animals and nature. Often, exciting children’s theme days can be arranged. Perfect for easy hiking amidst unspoilt nature on Fjärås Bräcka, this is a place carved by glaciers a bit before you time – 15,000 years ago during the last ice age, to be precise.

Solen lyser på den grå byggnaden
Fjärås Bräcka is a formation that rises 60 meters above sea level.Photo: Hannah Larsson

Öströö sheep farm in Tvååker

Öströö sheep farm lies amidst a beautiful beech forest with dozens of nice walking trails. In addition to sheep, they have a tiny farm shop that stocks a variety of delicious sausages, pâtés, marinades and sauces At the Café Fårhagen you fill your hamper with sandwiches, home-baked cakes and organic coffee that you can bring along when you take a guided lamb safari.

Två får är i förgrunden och i bakgrunden syns ett safari-tåg.
At Öströö sheep farm you can go on a lamb safari.Photo: Fotograf Adde
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