Kristin står vid en badbrygga. Vädret är grått och hon har en blå badkappa på sig.
Foto: Magasin Varberg

Kristin Lagerqvist

Kristin Lagerqvist spent her childhood summers in Varberg and when she turned twenty she finally decided to move here.

Written by Visit Varberg
Visit Varberg

Kristin is a writer and a photographer and her blog, with almost 30,000 unique visitors, is filled with beautiful photographs depicting things big and small from everyday life. Her lens has captured nuances and textures of the amazing natural beauty of Halland, be it the coast, the ocean or the tranquil landscape around Halland.

“The sea and the coastal landscape have stirred my creativity for as long as I can remember. I have always written and painted and the sea has been a steady source of inspiration.”

En kvinna har klivit ur sin blåa bubbla. Framför henne ligger havet och i famnen har nog filtar och handdukar.
The coastal landscape in Halland is pretty spectacular. Photo: Kristin Lagerqvist

She lives in a beautiful villa in central Varberg with her husband and their three sons, a stone’s throw from both the sea and Varberg city center.

“The coast gives me a lot of energy, inspiration and fresh air.”

Kristin står vid en badbrygga. Vädret är grått och hon har en blå badkappa på sig.
Kristin loves being around the sea, all year round. Photo: Magasin Varberg

For Kristin, the relationship with open water is almost addictive and she can always be found around the coast or on the open sea all year round, regardless of the weather and the season.

“The ocean gives different visual impressions and has a completely different character depending on the weather and the season. Mirror-glossy calm on some days, wildly stormy and boiling on others.”

Fyra personer promenerar ner mot havet med varsin surfbräda under armen.
In Halland, you can surf all year round. Photo: Kristin Lagerqvist
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